Никита Третяк

Никита Третяк
Никита Третяк
Известен как Хилс / Хилсон
Дата рождения 29 марта 2001 • 19 лет
Место рождения Украина
Сайт www.xlson137.com
Twitter @imchangeall
Первая работа Serious Sam: Underground 2012
Последняя работа Serious Sam: Underground 2012
Альбомов 1
Самая популярная Serious Sam: Underground 2012

Nikita Green Tretyak, known by the pseudonym Xlson137 (born 29.03.2001 in the West of Ukraine) is a blogger, songwriter, producer, actor, journalist and musician.


Even a young and talented Nikita began his path in high school, when he met with Artem Zacepin and Vladimir Tsaturov. Gathered together, the guys create their only and independent creative team aka band called Xlson's Production, starring Nikita. The author often devoted all his free time to computer games and editing. Soon he managed to realize himself as a full-fledged blogger. On May 11, 2013, the "Xlson137" independent project appeared in the heart of the global network, a project that other members of the group also invested in. The first video comes out on the same day; the path of the young artist began. Further, the videos began to appear on a variety of topics, among which the majority were occupied by passing the games, and the rest - the lifestyle movies.


The artist's activities continue now, and as of 2019, the musician is actively releasing new music, in particular singles. There are only small works in the form of covers with one track. The most significant roles in the artist’s career were played by his debut track "Underground" for the video game and a series of albums below.

  • «Days After Sunset...» (Album, 2017)
  • «Underground (Deluxe)» (Mini EP, 2016)
  • «Underground» (Single Album/EP, 2016)


More Information

All time nicknames: Hilson, Xlsus, Blogger Xls, Hils, NT, 2013, Xls, Kselson, Cpalkson

Nationality: Ukrainian, European

Years of activity: 2010 - present

Education: School number 13 (2006-2007, Lviv), School number 15 (2007-2017, Moscow Oblast)

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