The Binding Of Isaac - Afterbirth+ OST

Binding Of Isaac - Afterbirth+ OST, The. Front. Нажмите, чтобы увеличить.
Binding Of Isaac - Afterbirth+ OST, The
Композиторы Ridiculon
Издатель Ridiculon (distributed by Bandcamp
Тип релиза Музыка из игры - Официальный релиз
Формат Цифра - 4 треков
Дата релиза 3 января 2017
Длительность 00:12:39
Музыкальные стили
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"From the filthy mind of Edmund McMillen and the unfathomably lithe fingers of Nicalis comes yet another impossible mountain of impossible tasks that are impossible. Behold: Afterbirth + and all of the ridiculousness that surrounds it!!! That includes this mini-OST that you all have been so patiently waiting for.

For your listening pleasure and for our enjoyment we've taken some liberties during the mixing process. Those with eagle ears will notice subtle in-game differences. Included in the ACTUAL $1.00 price is a bonus track called Ante Lucem (never before heard by human ears.) You'll probably love it so much that you'll petition Ed and Nicalis to include it in the game."

Matthias Bossi: Drums, Piano, Synths, Beats, Voice
Jon Evans: Bass, Guitar, Synths
Carla Kihlstedt: Voice

Recorded and mixed by Jon Evans at Brick Hill in Orleans, MA

For paying $2.66 or more on Bancamp results in the consumer receiving a bonus track. This track is entitled "Locus (BONU$)" and has a running time of 3:09.

Над альбомом работал композитор Ridiculon (The Legend of Bum​-​Bo, Mew-Genics, Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth OST, The), а его релиз состоялся 3 января 2017 года. На саундтрек попало 4 композиции общей длительностью около 15 минут. Подборка является компиляцией оригинальной музыки. Выпуском пластинки занимался лейбл Ridiculon (distributed by Bandcamp.

CD 1

Terminus ( ________ )
Ante Lucem (BONUS)

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